ZZZ Base Micro

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  • Describe information as arranged in nature.
  • Forget about limitations in the amount of information that you can handle - there are none!
  • You are not looking for information, just walk into it!
  • This product is not an ordinary database, and allows operation with knowledge.
  • Without transactions.
This is NoSQL ZZZ Base Micro version - programming a new generation.
ZZZ Base

Product of ZZZ Ltd.

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e-mail: support@zzz.bg

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class ZZZBaseMicro

ZZZBaseMicro(unsigned long int openType = ZZZ_BASE_MICRO_OPEN_IN_FILE)
ZZZBaseMicro(string baseFileName, unsigned long int openType = ZZZ_BASE_MICRO_OPEN_IN_FILE, string user="", string password="")
virtual ~ZZZBaseMicro()
bool Open(string baseFileName, unsigned long int openType = ZZZ_BASE_MICRO_OPEN_IN_FILE, string user="", string password="")
void Close()
bool IsOpened()
data management
bool AddElement(string element)
bool ChangeElement(string element)
bool RemoveElement()
string GetElement() const
bool MoveToElement(string element)
long long int GetElementLength()
bool MoveToSubSet()
bool MoveToSuperSet()
bool MoveToFirstElement()
bool MoveToLastElement()
bool MoveToNextElement()
bool MoveToPreviousElement()
int MoveToClosestElement(string element)
bool MoveToBeginElement(string element)
bool MoveToEndElement(string element)
string MakePathToElement(bool savePos)
bool MoveToElementByPath(string path, bool global)
bool AddElementByPath(string path, bool global)
bool MoveToPreviousSymbol()
bool MoveToNextSymbol()
bool MoveToUpSymbol()
bool MoveToDownSymbol()
string DividerPathToPath(string divPath, string div)
string PathToDividerPath(string div, string path)
string GetElementByPath(string path, bool global)
bool TestForElement(string element)
bool TestForPath(string path, bool global)
void LockWrite()
void UnlockWrite()
void LockRead()
void UnlockRead()
bool MoveTo(string fromPath, string toPath)
void RemoveFromIndex()
void AddToIndex(string element, string indexPath = "")
string SearchInIndex(string query, string indexPath = "", long long int maxCount=ZZZ_BASE_MICRO_POINTER_TYPE_MAX)
bool LoginUser(string user, string password)
bool AddUser(string user, string password, string mode)
bool ChangeUserPassword(string sourceUser, string sourcePassword, string newUser, string newPassword)
bool RemoveUser(string user, string password)
long long int GetSetElementsCount()
long long int GetBaseElementsCount()
bool MoveToSystemSet()
buffers management
bool Remove(string baseFileName)
void SetBufferMaxItems(unsigned long long int maxItems)
void SetBufferMaxItemsDivider(float maxItemsDivider)
void SetBufferMaxItemSize(long long int maxItemSize)
void SetBuffersMaxItems(unsigned long long int maxItems)
void SetBuffersMaxItemsDivider(float maxItemsDivider)
string Version()
string VersionOperatingSystem()
string VersionApplicationType()
int VersionMajor()
int VersionMinor()
int VersionRelease()
int VersionBuild()
void Release()

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