License Agreement

THIS SOFTWARE (including media and printed materials) is given to you for use under the terms of the License Agreement and NOT FOR SALE.
Before proceeding with the installation of the software, please read the License Agreement. Continuing the installation means that you agree to the terms of the License Agreement.
If you disagree with the terms of the License Agreement, you may return the unreleased SOFTWARE (including media and documentation) to the company from which you received it within five days of purchase.
ZZZ Server, ZZZ Base, and ZZZ++ are trademarks of ZZZ Ltd.


The License Agreement for the use of the SOFTWARE is a contract between you, as a natural or legal person, and ZZZ Ltd.
The attached "Purchase Certificate" is an integral part of this License Agreement.
The software distributed by ZZZ Ltd. is a set of programs, databases and documentation protected by the Copyright and Related Rights Act. For the purposes of this document, "documentation" means printed matter and computer files that contain a description of the components of the Software that are an integral part of the Software.

1. Object of the License Agreement
1.1 The subject of this Software License Agreement is a nonexclusive license to use the SOFTWARE transferred from ZZZ Ltd. to the end user.
1.2 All clauses in this agreement refer to the SOFTWARE as a whole, as well as its individual components.

2. Copyright
2.1 Exclusive copyright owner of this software is ZZZ Ltd.
2.2 As an end user, you receive a license to use the SOFTWARE if you accept all the terms of this License Agreement.
2.3 The license is granted exclusively to you, unless otherwise granted in writing by ZZZ Ltd.

3. Terms of Use of the SOFTWARE
3.1 You may use the SOFTWARE at the same time as the number of computers specified in the "Number of licenses" column of the "Purchase Certificate". You may not use the SOFTWARE on a larger number of computers at the same time. You may not store more copies of the SOFTWARE, independently or not, of the number of licenses held.
3.2 You can only make one backup copy of the SOFTWARE, which you can use only if the originals are damaged or lost. This copy can not be used under any other conditions.
3.3 You can create your own databases for programs that are part of the SOFTWARE if such an option is mentioned in the documentation.
3.4 If you receive the SOFTWARE on more than one media type, regardless of its type and size, you can only use one type of media that is suitable for your computer. It is considered that both types of media contain the same copy of the SOFTWARE.
3.5 You may not distribute the SOFTWARE. Distributing is understood to give third parties access to the SOFTWARE, computer network, media or any other means, or sell or rent it.
3.6 You are limited in the following actions:
3.6.1 You may install and use the Software at any one time on a single computer;
3.6.2 You may not examine, decompile or disassemble the SOFTWARE programs, databases, and other components;
3.6.3 You may not make any changes to the object code of programs or databases, except those specifically done by the SOFTWARE and described in the documentation;
3.6.4 You may not assign the rights of use as well as any other rights to the SOFTWARE to third parties;
3.6.5 You may not perform any other actions that violate Bulgarian and international copyright and software laws.
3.7 You can use the current version of this product for non-commercial use free of charge. That is, if its use is for peaceful purposes and does not involve generating revenue for you, related persons or third parties.
3.8 Free for use in schools.

4. Termination
4.1 This License Agreement enters into force after you install the SOFTWARE on your computer and remains in effect for the time you use the SOFTWARE.
4.2 If for any reason you are unable to comply with the terms of this License Agreement, you are required to destroy all copies of the Software, including media, printed materials, information files and backup copies, where the License Agreement is terminated.

5. Responsibilities
5.1 Illicit use, dissemination and copying of the SOFTWARE constitutes a crime under the Copyright Act and its terms and is punishable under the laws in force in the Republic of Bulgaria.
5.2 If you fail to comply with the terms of this License Agreement, ZZZ Ltd immediately takes away the right to use the SOFTWARE and terminate warranties and technical support.

6. Guarantees
6.1 ZZZ Ltd. guarantees the quality of the data on the media as well as the functionality of the programs included in the SOFTWARE package, under the conditions described in the documentation, the compliance of the SOFTWARE components with the specifications and the correctness of the documentation.
6.2 For the other components, the SOFTWARE is supplied "as is". ZZZ Ltd does not guarantee that the software is free of error and is not responsible in case of damage, direct or indirect, including damages caused by probable errors in the software package.
6.3 ZZZ Ltd. does not warrant the performance of this software in combination with any other software or hardware installed, and in particular software or hardware from earlier versions.
6.4 The limited warranty is valid within 60 days of the date of purchase of the SOFTWARE. During this period, ZZZ Ltd. will accept all complaints related to the quality of the SOFTWARE in so far as they are covered by the limited warranty.

ZZZ Ltd.